Screen Layout

Main Options for the Sudoku Application
The "Sudoku Options" dialog can be opened by selecting the menu item "Options|Sudoku Options". The first option page "Screen Layout" offers the following items:
  • Language: Switch the language of the user interface between English and German.
  • Contrast: Adjust the contrast between the individual 3*3 squares. The contrast of the diagonals in X-Sudokus is also depending on this value.
  • Size: Adjust the size of the user interface.
  • Hide when minimized: If checked, the Sudoku taskbar button is hidden when the Sudoku application is minimized.
  • Save State: If checked, the status of the current Sudoku problem is saved when exiting the application
  • Possible Values: Sets how calculated possible values or "candidates" are displayed or printed out. However, if there is not enough space to print digits, the "watch hands" are used for the print out. This restriction is not necessary for the display on the screen.