Options for Printing Sudokus
The "Print" option page offers the following options:
  • Print Solutions: If checked, the solutions of the problems are printed out. If only one problem is printed out, the solution is printed right to the problem, otherwise (in case of printing out problem booklets) the solutions are printed on extra pages. In either case, the solution is printed upside down (with that, cheating is not that simple...).
  • Print Possible Values: If checked, the printout contains the possible values either shown as "Watch Hand" hints or as tiny numbers. Which of this is used depends on the respective option and the size of the printout (for very small printouts tiny numbers aren't readable, in that case the watch hands are used indepently of the current setting of the option). If the current problem contains candiates, the user is asked before the printout starts whether she wants the candidates or the possible values to be printed out.
  • Size - Problem:
    • Large: One problem horizontally.
    • Normal: Two problems horizontally.
    • Small: Three problems horizontally.
    • Tiny: Four problems horizontally.
  • Size - Solution:
    • Normal: Four solutions horizontally.
    • Small: Five solutions horizontally.
  • Contrast for X-Sudokus: Sets the contrast of the "X" in the printout of X-Sudokus. A value of 20 should be suitable for the most printers.
  • Print Internal Severity: If checked, the internal used number to determine the severity level is printed out below the problem.