Miscellaneous Options

Other Options
The main menu "Options" offers the following options which are saved when the Sudoku program is closed:
  • Track: If checked, the program displays the solving process.
  • Find all Solutions: If more than one solution is possible for the current problem the program calculates all solutions. When finished, the first 100 solutions can be examined using the "<"-button or ">"-button respectively.
  • Show Possible Values: If checked, the grid contains "Watch Hand" hints.
  • Auto Check: If checked, the program checks whether or not the resulting problem is still solvable after keying in a new value.
  • Mark Neighbors: If checked, the neighbors of the current cell are highlighted with a different color.
In addition this menu offers two entries to control the solving time:
  • Pause: The solving timer is stopped until the next value is entered or changed.
  • Reset Timer: The solving timer is set to zero.
... and of course the possibility to open the "Options" dialog to chance the screen layout, options for printout, and for generating new Sudokus.